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So here's the story. We have bought Cakes from Reasors before and we have loved every single one.

After today I will never again buy a single item nor walk through those doors again and I can only hope someone understand how upset this has made me. My brother is leaving for Army basic Training this week and tonight we are having a small going away party. I went to Reasors and order a custom cake. It is very simple idea.

Any bakery could do it I thought. They asked for me to print out the picture I showed the lady on my phone. So I added the stop to list of errands that day and went to Walgreens across the street to print the picture. First: the lady asked if they could draw it since they did not have the army star listed in the system as one of their print outs.

I agreed and said they could do whatever was easiest for them. Second: we discussed how I wanted the green/brown piping on the border and black icing for the FOUR words that needed to be written on the cake. Super easy. No big deal.

Enter today. Andrew goes and picks up the cake. Below I provided the picture they requested and the next picture is the cake that we received. Not only is the icing in blue, it is the worst writing I have ever seen on a cake and for two?

The best part. The US Army is backwards. No it is not a trick of the picture. The star and its label is backwards.

On my brothers cake for his last good bye and send off to the military. Now Reasors, the best part is that you refused to do anything. NOTHING. Not a sorry.

Not even offering to fix it, because your excuse? Everyone is leaving in less than 30 minutes and it'll take at least another day to be fixed plus it appeared that you personally saw it as not your problem. So I just want to speak to the baker that did this and the manager that Andrew spoke to and ask why you decided it was okay to create and leave the cake like this. I've never been so upset and disappointed in my life.

So I am posting this on Google, on Twitter, On Facebook and on any thing I see under the name Reasors, because this is ridiculous and the worst customer service I personally have received. Own up to your mistakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Reasors Foods Cake.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Yep, they clearly screwed up. I completely understand your frustration and disappointment.

Quite disturbing they can't even apologize for that horrific mistake. Somebody had to have seen that before being boxed...they just didn't give a poop. Sad.

So sorry for u. Go back and demand your money back.


Yup, they screwed up but it's not the end of the world. It's actually pretty funny.

Believe me, if this is the worst thing that happens to him he's doing pretty well.

Lighten up, someone made an embarrassing mistake, that's all.


wow, someone messed up on the "transferring' process. Go back and speak to a manager about this, showing the pictures you provided here.

Either way, it's really just cake, and no use fretting about it, in the scheme of things.

And thank your brother for me, for his bravery cannot be tainted by a jacked-up cake.

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